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Shawn Donelly’s third album finds him reunited with longtime collaborator, and former life-partner Sandra J. Changing Seasons is ethereal folk-pop-indierock that longs for simpler days when young love got you through the day and gave you something to dream about at night. Perfect for those kicked in the ass by love or have just got their heart broken. Its melancholic happiness leaves hope-laced melodies stuck in your head and puts a grin on the listener’s face. I have worked with Shawn in the studio many times in the past and was pleased to hear “Honey Bee” (a song from a collection we tracked years ago) made it to this release. It was well worth the wait.

by Paul Edwards (Engineer/Producer)


ALEX FYNN are a Canadian folk/indie pop duo formed by singer-songwriter Shawn Donnelly and Sandra J. These former lovers have been making music together for over 20 years. Musical partners forever, as one seemingly cannot exist without the other, this pair continue to share their story of love, loss, forgiveness and life through music.


ALBUM LAUNCH  June 29, 2018 · 6:30 PM · Chalet Bellevue · 27 rue Bellevue, Morin Heights, QC


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